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How Gold Is Used as a Hedge against Inflation

Gold hedge Gold depends on an important factor that could have a strong influence on it and play a major role in the determination of its price. That factor is inflation. Gold is said to be a hedge against inflation.   When prices rise, investors can park their money in gold. At times, ...
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Why Using Gold And Silver As Legal Tender Is An Awful Idea

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U.S. Moving Towards a Gold Standard

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Hedge fund assets top $3 trillion for the first time

Hedge fund assets hit a record high at the end of last year as solid market returns from the Donald Trump rally overcame large investor redemptions. "Total hedge fund industry capital rose for the third consecutive quarter, surpassing the $3 trillion milestone for the first time," Hedge Fund ...
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Overweight Emerging Market Equities For The Remainder Of 2013

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Mexico's Trust Buster

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Europe’s most robust economy is showing further signs of strength

The German economy is surging again, with employment hitting a 25-year high in October. And with improving exports and capacity for increased government spending, there are signs these numbers will be sustained. The latest employment gains continue an incredible run for the German economy sin ...
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The Drivers And Risks Of Inflation

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The Housing Bubble Is Back

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Fundamental Analysis

Nokia: It's Way Too Early For A Tablet

In the last couple years, there were several times when people thought Nokia (NOK) was coming up with a new tablet. Every time, I said "no, there won't be a Nokia tablet anytime soon because it doesn't make sense," however, recently, it looks like Nokia is finally giving in to Microsoft (MSFT) in ...
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Monetary Policy

The Consequences Of Monetary Doping

  The career of one of the most accomplished players in sports history appears to be coming to a notorious end. On Monday, Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees was suspended by Major League Baseball through the end of the 2014 season for violating the league's performance-enhancing drug ( ...
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The Problem Of The Strong Dollar: Investment Implications

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The Erosion Of Central Bank Independence

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Fiscal policy

This Isn't Really Austerity In The U.S.

I keep hearing and reading all these stories about how there's now a crushing "fiscal contraction" in the U.S. But is that really true? Not according to the data. Here's what the CBO projects in the coming four years with regard to federal outlays: 2012: 3,537 2013: 3,455 2014: 3,600 ...
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Hedge Against Japanese Hyperinflation - Buy The Nikkei

Here’s a good case of hedging your bets. So let’s say you really think hyperinflation is coming to Japan. How would you position for that? Maybe you’d short JGBs or short the Yen. But would you think to buy the Nikkei? Probably not. And that’s what Societe Generale analysts say might be th ...
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Debt crisis

Why Cyprus Must Leave The Euro

Felix Salmon Megan Greene has a great column on Cyprus and the euro today. In short, there are costs and benefits to leaving the euro - but the costs are going to be borne anyway, which means that at the margin, devaluation is likely to be good for the country.   Among the grea ...
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Technical analysis

Dow/Gold Ratio Spikes As Stocks Hit Records, Gold Falters

By Sumit Roy Could this be signaling an end to the gold bull market? Both gold and stocks have been in the headlines in recent weeks for hitting various milestones, the latter for spiking to record highs and the former for plunging to the lowest levels in months. That makes now an especiall ...
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Historical S&P 500 Sector Weightings

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