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Hedge fund assets top $3 trillion for the first time

Hedge fund assets hit a record high at the end of last year as solid market returns from the Donald Trump rally overcame large investor redemptions. "Total hedge fund industry capital rose for the third consecutive quarter, surpassing the $3 trillion milestone for the first time," Hedge Fund ...
24.1.2017 > Comment |

Nokia: It's Way Too Early For A Tablet

In the last couple years, there were several times when people thought Nokia (NOK) was coming up with a new tablet. Every time, I said "no, there won't be a Nokia tablet anytime soon because it doesn't make sense," however, recently, it looks like Nokia is finally giving in to Microsoft (MSFT) in ...
20.8.2013 > Comment |

This Isn't Really Austerity In The U.S.

I keep hearing and reading all these stories about how there's now a crushing "fiscal contraction" in the U.S. But is that really true? Not according to the data. Here's what the CBO projects in the coming four years with regard to federal outlays: 2012: 3,537 2013: 3,455 2014: 3,600 ...
7.8.2013 > Comment |

Hedge Against Japanese Hyperinflation - Buy The Nikkei

Here’s a good case of hedging your bets. So let’s say you really think hyperinflation is coming to Japan. How would you position for that? Maybe you’d short JGBs or short the Yen. But would you think to buy the Nikkei? Probably not. And that’s what Societe Generale analysts say might be th ...
31.7.2013 > Comment |

The Drivers And Risks Of Inflation

  Inflation is a huge problem for investors. It erodes the real value of our savings and often forces us to take on board certain levels of risk just to maintain our purchasing power. Inflationary pressures seem to be minimal at the moment and this is reflected with the latest US Consu ...
14.5.2013 > Comment |

Why Using Gold And Silver As Legal Tender Is An Awful Idea

Arizona has just become the second state to allow gold and silver to be used as legal tender ... sort of. The reason I say "sort of" is becausefrom this video, it is clear they haven't worked out all the bugs. The basis of this movement comes from a misunderstanding of Article 1 Section ...
14.5.2013 > Comment |

The Problem Of The Strong Dollar: Investment Implications

Most Americans are proud of the fact that we have a strong and stable currency; the dollar has maintained strong relative value against other currencies through a financial crisis, which originated in the United States and has recently strengthened significantly against gold and the yen. So why ...
30.4.2013 > Comment |

U.S. Moving Towards a Gold Standard

Following the news that last week Arizona lawmakers passed a bill that will see precious metals become legal tender we thought this would be the perfect time to bring you a fourth installment of The Real Asset Report. Here we look at the moves several US states are making to move to sound money. L ...
23.4.2013 > Comment |

Why Gold Won't Protect You From Inflation: What History Tells Us

Let me start by saying that I am not a Gold Bug. I don't think the Fed is part of an evil conspiracy to steal wealth from Americans, nor do I think that we are about to have hyper inflation any day now. That said, I do think that gold is a major investment for a lot of individual and institutional ...
18.4.2013 > Comment |

Why Cyprus Must Leave The Euro

Felix Salmon Megan Greene has a great column on Cyprus and the euro today. In short, there are costs and benefits to leaving the euro - but the costs are going to be borne anyway, which means that at the margin, devaluation is likely to be good for the country.   Among the grea ...
11.4.2013 > Comment |

Overweight Emerging Market Equities For The Remainder Of 2013

The developed market equities (including Japan) have outperformed the emerging market equity by a fair distance in the first quarter of 2013. The most significant outperformance comes from the U.S., Japan and U.K. equity markets. This article discusses the reasons for believing that the remainder ...
9.4.2013 > Comment |

Bitcoins: New Gold Or Fool's Gold?

By Ron Rimkus, CFA A craze is sweeping the nation. Indeed, it is sweeping the world. That craze is Bitcoins, the decentralized, encrypted digital currency, introduced in 2009. Bitcoins, which have a permanently fixed supply, are turning out to be a pretty big deal because of the stark contras ...
9.4.2013 > Comment |

The Erosion Of Central Bank Independence

Evan Schnidman Over the last couple months a number of news stories and editorials have pondered the decline of central bank independence. These stories have primarily focused on how various central banks, especially the Fed, will adjust their inflation targeting policy as political pressure bec ...
5.4.2013 > Comment |

1 Ounce Of Gold And A Decent Men's Suit By: "Sameer Advani"

It is a common refrain amongst gold aficionados that one ounce of gold has always and will always maintain the ability to purchase one "decent men's suit." Hence the notion that gold will always maintain a constant purchasing power. Judged by this metric, let's find out how one ounce of gold has d ...
5.4.2013 > Comment |

Mexico's Trust Buster

The decade of the BRIC countries is over. Let's not be fooled by summits or proposals to create a new world financial order. Today, Brazil is struggling with government overreach and a slowdown in demand for commodities. Russia is still the same kleptocracy. China is dealing with the mother-of-all ...
27.3.2013 > Comment |

The Housing Bubble Is Back

By Karl Smith   Cullen Roche is worried that the trajectory of housing prices might deviate from what practical assumptions would predict Real estate returns are not rocket science. Because they’re such a huge portion of the consumer balance sheet they tend to be tied very closely ...
26.3.2013 > Comment |


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